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50% off all services at OCHF!

50% off ALL OC Hit Factory services during the Corona Virus crisis!

Like everyone else, OCHF is trying to find ways to help and give back a little during a challenging time. We want to help others do what they love and pursue their passions and dreams to give meaning to these crazy times.

Maybe this is the time that you write, record, and release that single or EP you've been dreaming about or take vocal lessons or learn a new instrument or how to record and produce your own beats! If you would like to stay home, you can also gain knowledge, advice and insights of the music industry by having a Skype Consulting Session with Thomas Barsoe. You may even be able to showcase your music or talents to him, and receive productive feedback!

So, for the duration of this Corona Virus crisis, until "normal" life resumes, ALL services will be 50% off. We hope that we can help make it possible for everyone to make MUSIC the thing that gets you through a tough time.



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