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PRODUction Course



March 25th, 2020

Are you interested in becoming a music producer or engineer? Or perhaps dreaming of getting a home studio setup and learn how to record yourself and make beats? Executive producer, Thomas Barsoe, will be teaching a 8 week, intensive production/engineering course at OC Hit Factory. 


You will be introduced to the wonderful, confusing and overwhelming world of arranging/composing, audio tracking, midi programming, interfaces, pre amps, production, digital/analog plugins, EQ, compressors, microphone techniques, comping, automation, mixing, mastering and all the productions skills and secrets that Thomas has accumulated over 25 years in the business. Throughout the course, you’ll be producing and engineering sessions with some of our best OCHF artists to gain some valuable real life experience.


Previous experience or production/ engineering skills are not required but obviously would be helpful as we will be moving pretty quickly as there’s a lot of ground to cover!

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